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What is eMarketing and How is it Better Than Traditional Marketing

What is eMarketing and How is it Better Than Traditional Marketing
By []Darren Ravens


Marketing has pretty much been around forever in one form or another. Since the day when humans first started trading whatever it was that they first traded, marketing was there. Marketing was the stories they used to convince other humans to trade. Humans have come a long way since then, (Well, we like to think we have) and marketing has too.

The methods of marketing have changed and improved, and we’ve become a lot more efficient at telling our stories and getting our marketing messages out there. eMarketing is the product of the meeting between modern communication technologies and the age-old marketing principles that humans have always applied.

That said, the specifics are reasonably complex and are best handled piece by piece. So we’ve decided to break it all down and tackle the parts one at a time. This week we’ll be looking at the “what” and “why” of eMarketing, outlining the benefits and pointing out how it differs from traditional marketing methods.

By the end of the series we’re pretty sure you’ll have everything you need to tell better marketing stories.

What is eMarketing? Very simply put, eMarketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. The terms eMarketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous.

eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers.

By such a definition, eMarketing encompasses all the activities a business conducts via the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new business, retaining current business and developing its brand identity.

Why is it important? When implemented correctly, the return on investment (ROI) from eMarketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” business or a concern operating purely online, the Internet is a force that cannot be ignored. It can be a means to reach literally millions of people every year. It’s at the forefront of a redefinition of way businesses interact with their customers.

The benefits of eMarketing over traditional marketing Reach The nature of the internet means businesses now have a truly global reach. While traditional media costs limit this kind of reach to huge multinationals, eMarketing opens up new avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access potential consumers from all over the world.

Scope Internet marketing allows the marketer to reach consumers in a wide range of ways and enables them to offer a wide range of products and services. eMarketing includes, among other things, information management, public relations, customer service and sales. With the range of new technologies becoming available all the time, this scope can only grow.

Interactivity Whereas traditional marketing is largely about getting a brand’s message out there, eMarketing facilitates conversations between companies and consumers. With a two-way communication channel, companies can feed off of the responses of their consumers, making them more dynamic and adaptive.

Immediacy Internet marketing is able to, in ways never before imagined, provide an immediate impact.

Imagine you’re reading your favourite magazine. You see a double-page advert for some new product or service, maybe BMW’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s latest iPod offering. With this kind of traditional media, it’s not that easy for you, the consumer, to take the step from hearing about a product to actual acquisition.

With eMarketing, it’s easy to make that step as simple as possible, meaning that within a few short clicks you could have booked a test drive or ordered the iPod. And all of this can happen regardless of normal office hours. Effectively, Internet marketing makes business hours 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for every week of the year.

By closing the gap between providing information and eliciting a consumer reaction, the consumer’s buying cycle is speeded up and advertising spend can go much further in creating immediate leads.

Demographics and targeting Generally speaking, the demographics of the Internet are a marketer’s dream. Internet users, considered as a group, have greater buying power and could perhaps be considered as a population group skewed towards the middle-classes.

Buying power is not all though. The nature of the Internet is such that its users will tend to organise themselves into far more focussed groupings. Savvy marketers who know where to look can quite easily find access to the niche markets they wish to target. Marketing messages are most effective when they are presented directly to the audience most likely to be interested. The Internet creates the perfect environment for niche marketing to targeted groups.

Adaptivity and closed loop marketing Closed Loop Marketing requires the constant measurement and analysis of the results of marketing initiatives. By continuously tracking the response and effectiveness of a campaign, the marketer can be far more dynamic in adapting to consumers’ wants and needs.

With eMarketing, responses can be analysed in real-time and campaigns can be tweaked continuously. Combined with the immediacy of the Internet as a medium, this means that there’s minimal advertising spend wasted on less than effective campaigns.

Maximum marketing efficiency from eMarketing creates new opportunities to seize strategic competitive advantages.

The combination of all these factors results in an improved ROI and ultimately, more customers, happier customers and an improved bottom line.

Next up in the eMarketing 101 series: Having identified the “why” of eMarketing, our next article in the series will look at the “how”. We’ll be glancing at some of the weaponry in the eMarketer’s arsenal, and looking at how these tools should be used to target customers.

SEO, PPC, ORM, WebPR – the acronyms are never far behind. We’ll take a brief look at each, defining what they are and giving some guidance in terms of which tactic to use in a given situation to ensure optimum ROI on advertising spend.

Later on, we’ll examine each of these weapons more closely and see just how they are used to produce results.

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Sample Social Media Marketing Plan For Mlm

Social Networking Sites, right now, are some of the best places to build your Network Marketing business, if you know how. The advertising is completely free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the paid advertising methods. I’ve had between 5-10 people a day coming to my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone. Our Sample Social Media Marketing Plan for MLM will cover Facebook, as an example, but these same strategies can be applied to other social Read more…


Tips For Setting Yourself Apart From the Affiliate Marketing Crowd

It’s no secret there is money in affiliate marketing, in fact there is great money in affiliate marketing if you align yourself with a good company with good products.

The reason there are some failures and jaded feelings about affiliate marketing is because people don’t think about what the very phrase means. There are two words to consider. Affiliate is a definition that comes to most people quite easily as it means “A person, organization, or establishment associated with another”. Easy enough. The second part of that phrase is the one that will make or break your efforts to be a success in affiliate marketing.

Marketing. People think it means knocking on doors, making hundreds of phone calls, sending out thousands of e-mails, just to market your product or service that you’re selling through an affiliate network. True, you are an affiliate of a company and you are selling the same thing as dozens of other people, how to you set yourself apart from the crowd?

Establish a relationship with your prospects. When you contact someone about the product or service that you’re representing through your affiliate marketing program, your initial contact is not about making a sale or a fulfillment order, it’s about establishing a relationship with your potential client. Setting yourself up to establish a relationship with your prospects takes a little preparation but it’s not hard to do.

If you’re marketing your affiliate program through cold calls, first of all, make sure you’re targeting the right market. You can’t build a relationship to your prospects marketing services if the person you’re contacting has no base interest in your affiliate network service or product. Many affiliate marketers get discouraged because they feel every proverbial door is slammed in their faces. It’s not that they aren’t good sales people or they have chosen the wrong affiliate network to market, they have simply chosen the wrong venue to sell those affiliate marketing services to.

When you’re marketing your affiliate program from your own website. First all, make sure there are no frames. You might as well be wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility if you’re going to frame a webpage. Your site won’t show up in return results because it won’t be indexed by the major search engines.

Next, throw out useless graphics, do you really need that dancing sack of money on your website? Screaming sales fluff words “It’s the BEST” or empty promises to prospects mean nothing and quite frankly, turn most people off from anything of substance you really had to say about your affiliate marketing program. Instead, think about what you would want to know if you were joining an affiliate marketing program. Write your website as if you were speaking to one person only, the person that is reading your website at that moment.

You can build a relationship from the get-go through your website and e-mails by addressing common problems most people have. No one is looking to join an affiliate program because they have too much money. People want to join a legitimate affiliate marketing program because they need money for various reasons. Use that as a beginning for making a starting point in a business relationship.

On your website, tell a little about how the affiliate marketing program took you from a paycheck to paycheck existence and you can now afford certain luxuries that were your motivating factor. You wanted to take a vacation, help put your kids through college, buy a new car, or pay off your credit card bills. Think about the issues that originally made you want to get into affiliate marketing, there are a good majority of people that feel the same way and they all have the potential to be part of your affiliate marketing network.

Invite a dialogue with people. You can’t have a relationship with your prospects without open communication. Tell people they can contact you and ask you questions and when they do, be friendly but remain businessnesslike. It’s a fine line and you’ll find it quickly. One successful affiliate marketer would answer his various prospects questions sent via e-mail and then always throw in something about the weather he was experiencing. Could be the snow on the ground, the drenching rains that would drown a duck or just the heat that made him wish for an ice cream truck from his youth. Just that one sentence made him more real to his potential clients. They would write back wanting more information and then tell him about their weather. It seems small and insignificant, but it’s really huge. He was giving people a real person to deal with. Not an affiliate marketing program, not a faceless website, not the black and white text of an e-mail, but an honest to goodness friendly person they wanted to join up with all because he talked about the weather.

When you’re using relationship based marketing for your affiliate program, you’re not trying to create a best friend – you are creating an honest, trusting business relationship and there’s nothing stronger. Studies have shown people will stick with an affiliate marketing program longer if they have a comfort level with the people they are dealing with. Relationship based marketing does exactly that.

Now that you know how to create a loyalty to your affiliate marketing program, use these tips to make yourself stand out from the other affiliates and boost your network base and your affiliate sales!

About The Author

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E-Mail Advertising And Marketing – Marketing Your Work From Home Ideas

No wearisome commuting to and from operate, no pricey travelling costs, functioning the hrs that suit you, currently being your own personal boss; seeing far more of the family members; you can find a lot of positive aspects that it really is hardly shocking that a growing number of individuals are searching for work from home ideas to allow them to dwell the dream.

Producing a career from home operate in your case is now a actuality thanks to the wonderful progress and reputation of making use of the planet Broad Net. What genuinely only started some twenty years back, has, in an amazingly brief area of time, turn into the single most significant marketplace on our planet. For that 1st time, a web based career from home, to assistance you and your loved ones, just isn’t only feasible, however the numerous work from home ideas which are getting generated are generating new, enjoyable possibilities for a lot more wannabe onlinepreneurs each and every and every single day.

Because the variety of new web sites becoming released proliferates day-to-day, so opposition is in turn getting to be increasingly more fierce. So as to achieve success, your on-line career from home has to capture a good share from the market place so as to supply you and yours having a adequate revenue stream. So the query you need to inquire your self is “How can I go about securing the marketplace share that I require to produce the revenue I’m trying to find?” The reply – e mail advertising and marketing.

Your work from home ideas won’t ever attain fruition except your goal audience is aware of about them. It really is gigantic! You can find actually thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands of individuals surfing the net each second of each and every day, so you only require to appeal to a moment proportion of them, (say 0.1%), to stop up with a large number of likely gross sales. So, what ever your on-line enterprise is, what ever services or products you might be supplying, the key concentrate of operating any on-line career from home option should be to maximize gross sales; and you also can very best do that by operating successful e mail advertising and marketing campaigns.

E-mail advertising and marketing just isn’t just one of your most profitable internet marketing tools, it’s also among the most economical. Once you start off any new organization your costs are always a significant problem. By contacting your goal audience to current your work from home
Author: Barnie Domenazier


E-Commerce – Online Shopping

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E-Commerce – Online Shopping
By []Tina L Douglas

5Shopping, selling and banking can now be done in just one click away, thanks to the power of Internet. Internet has provided a play field where everything is almost possible. High technology has extended the limitation of Internet from merely sending and receiving information to buying and selling products and services.

The appropriate usage of the Internet can easily make anyone rich. Thanks to the new trend that has been rising over the Internet. The buying and selling of products and services online is called Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce. This provides a new venue for people who are interested selling products and services. The Internet has provided an opportunity to anyone who wants start up a business in selling in a practical and convenient manner.

This new market trend opens new services online as well. The sellers would need to “bank” their sales and buyers need money online to purchase products. Online banking was also introduced at the surge of E-commerce. The Internet has provided middlemen to link bank accounts to online banks in order for buyers and sellers to transact their business. This technology can now enable people to shop online or pay their bills with just their credit/debit cards and a computer at the convenience of their home.

Local products can now be promoted and sold globally without the hassle of physically going to places. Sellers can now advertise their products through social networking sites, which cater to everyone available in the web, all over the world. You can now sell even your own used up things like shoes, bags, shirts, to even your car! Hey, if you wanted to have someone rent your condominium or apartment, and then all you have to do is post an advertisement saying you are selling these forms of real estate then just waits. In a matter of minutes or hours, there would definitely someone willing to rent it.

E-commerce has globalized even the larger companies. The option of having economical resources is possible through E-commerce. Companies can even extend their resources to other countries providing cheap materials, which would help the company profit at a lesser expense. In just a short period of time, E-commerce can develop a potentially small-scale business to a progressively larger company.

In economics, the place where buyers and sellers transact business is called a market. If you do it in the Internet it is now called Electronic market or simply E-market. These are Internet sites where buyers and sellers transact their businesses. This is a convenient place to buy and sell products. It saves people a lot of time and effort. All that has to be done is use the computer with Internet connection; go to a shopping site, place orders and in no time you orders will be in your doorstep. You don’t even have to drive through traffic jams to get your shopping done. Now almost everyone can do business and be progressive because E-commerce provides business opportunities easily in the global market.

Tina L. Douglas is a well established author on the topic of ecommerce.

For more advice and information on ecommerce hosting reviews [], just click on the link.

Article Source: [—Online-Shopping&id=4604420] E-Commerce – Online Shopping

Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets

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Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets
By []Ewen Chia


Internet Marketing, E-market, online marketing- all these synonymous terms points out to one keyword. It is business and a serious one at that. We may recall how tough it has been to conceptualize a company logo, make a poster and a slogan, and distribute brochures and catalog to your customers and target market. That is how it was until the internet made a virtually infinite space of marketing and advertising products and services. Even providing banner spaces, hosting text and content and images has already been part of the online business. And to simply put it: these new marketing world in the web has already produced internet marketing millionaires. Here are short stories and tips on how you can earn big time through online marketing.

Note that there are many things that you can market, not only the products your company is selling. It can be virtually anything: what can be watched from your website, what your website can do. Services like grammar correction, picture hosting, and plagiarism detecting and social networking.

One noteworthy example is John Reese who earned more than a whopping 1,000,000 Dollars in less than 24 hours. In 1998 he created a website with a free photograph hosting service for eBay users. Through his “viral” marketing of the site, it became one of the top 500 most visited sites in the world- within a year after its launch. Reese’s image hosting programs earned through affiliate commissions from affiliate programs. On the 17th of August, 2004, he surprised the e-marketing world when, upon the launch of a new product he marketed, he earned 1 million dollars in eighteen hours. What is his secret? He owed it from experience. He began in the e-marketing industry in 1990 and in has become knowledgeable in techniques of website optimization. His style is not simply offering goods but showing people where opportunity is. It is good if you can sell them your products but it earns more to show them where they can benefit and earn too. As for the marketer, it takes diligence and patience. Big income may be earned but in an eventual manner, not always instant.

Another phenomenal among the internet marketing millionaires is the 23 year old, youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. He founded Facebook which is now at an estimated value of 15 billion dollars. The site offers entertainment and social networking, earning from lots of advertisements. The site offers not only room for social networks and ads but in itself is a huge commodity. Here, we learn that to make an e-marketing venture successful, promoting it must be in a “viral” fashion. Notice that Facebook has links at almost any site. All these links, referrals and redirects are good strategies for successful online marketing.

Finally, e-marketing is a field where no individual succeeds alone without learning from others. There are several technical aspects just like SEO or Search Engine Optimization that makes your website appear at high ranks from search engine queries. One also needs other sites to host articles for his/her own website. Companies in the same business may help each other in the form of affiliates. Most importantly, even if it is a competition takes an online community of aspiring internet marketing millionaires to learn from each other.

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Article Source: [] Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets

How to Do Business Negotiations With Chinese Companies

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How to Do Business Negotiations With Chinese Companies
By []Tomas Donovan

2Negotiating with Chinese Companies is crucial especially in this era where more buyers are sourcing for various merchandise directly from Chinese manufacturers. In business, negotiation is never that easy, but it can prove to be very hard especially when you have to deal with a foreign culture. As much as so many things are negotiable in China you are guaranteed better results if you know how to deal with the manufacturers. The more information you have concerning the culture backgrounds, positions, pressures, etc about your business associate in China the better you can use that information as a negotiating tool to get what you want.

One of the things that you need to do that will help in Negotiating With Chinese Companies is research. The Chinese manufacturers are very clever. They clearly know everything that you as the buyer need to know about their products and if you are not adequately prepared, they can use this against you. Just before you embark into real life negotiations try to use the most trusted buyer-to-buyer websites in the e-market for market reviews on a particular product you wish to order. This will help you to have clear-cut details on the products you wish to buy and therefore eliminate the chances of miscommunication with your Chinese counterpart.

When Negotiating With Chinese Suppliers it is good advice that you stick to the contract agreement. Bear in your mind that Chinese manufacturers love to build up solid and lasting business relationships even after the trading contract has long been signed. The reason is that Chinese business contracts are just a platform for future negotiations. Most importantly to the Chinese business community, business negotiations is just a part of relationship culture process in China that is commonly referred to as “guanxi” that is translated as “if you scratch my back, I might scratch yours”. Try to give your partners fair prices on products as opposed to get lower prices on goods.

Technical behavior is another thing to consider when negotiating With Chinese suppliers. Many multinational companies in China tend to have a high rating of credibility and reputation than their small and medium sized counterparts. They also use resources to invest in R&D something, which makes these suppliers more acceptable in the negotiation desk. Most of the Chinese companies have really opened up to the new opportunities offered by the ICT industry, something that helps them to look for more innovative ideas even from among the small industries. Negotiations methods of the southern China are different from northern China.

The other most important thing you have to know when Negotiating with Chinese Companies is the social behavior. Fact is, it harder to lie to a friend than a stranger. Social status plays an important role in business negotiations in China. The higher up you are as far as social status is concerned the higher chances you have to get a favorable deal in the negotiations desk. Because of many Chinese businesses adoption of the western negotiation patterns of business, the need for personal relationships is slowly diminishing. As a foreign business negotiator, you have to have exceptional interpersonal skills and understand the value of trust.

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Article Source: [] How to Do Business Negotiations With Chinese Companies


E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It

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E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It
By []Syed Aamir Ali


What is internet marketing? Is it a technique to deceive the people or is it a way to promote the products? Is it only used to earn money or there is any aim beside the money to give benefit to the people? These are the major questions arise in my mind while I think of e-marketing. This is my first ever article in my life, I don’t know how to write but I think I can write. I don’t know whether my article will be accepted to be published or not but I can quench my thirst by typing my views. Lots of people give many offers to be rich soon, they show very long and attractive reports in their marketing campaign. Did you ever think about it that how much this stuff is based on reality? Up to which percentage they speak the truth.

Marketing is all about to advertise and promote the products but when it is done with sincerity and honesty will it give the rewards? The biggest dilemma is with the earning online articles and campaigns. What I think, earning online is a very good idea and it is demand of modern and global world but beside this I also know that this is not as easy as people are explaining it. You can’t be a millionaire in a day or in a week or even in a month. Money earning requires lot of efforts and time without this concern that whether it is online or in the practical world. People have earned millions and billions no doubt, but there are lot of efforts and hard working behind their earnings. If we look at the current world good marketers we will find that the success lies in their ideas. Every new idea they brought they got success. Copying and following the others can give you some earning but can’t make you a millionaire.

I will suggest the people interested in e-market that be sincere with your passion and use the e-marketing as your hobby and passion then it will bring great result to you. If you straight away jump with the aim of to be millionaire you will gain nothing. Explore the web, study the marketing methods, find out the best methods think about it that for how long these methods will work and don’t copy the contents of other. Try to come with your own views, vision and ideas. This will give you a big boost in the market. Fortune smiles on brave. Be brave enough to accept the challenges of e-market and I guarantee you will gain success. It will take time but believe me this success will be permanent; it will not be for a short period of time. All the current internet marketing gurus started from zero but their efforts and ideas took them to the heights of Mount Everest.

Currently I don’t have any blog or website but if you like my article then can give me feed back at my email id. []

Thanking you for reading

Article Source: [] E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It

Strategic Internet Marketing is an Art of E-Market War

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Strategic Internet Marketing is an Art of E-Market War
By []Tucker Kevin


Why internet marketing is actually a war with many opponents? A simple answer of this question is that internet provides infinite space virtually for advertisement & marketing of services and products. In the internet there is competition that everybody desires to become a prime spot. In short, any company with most visited website wins the game as value of this company increases because the company can show the advertisements on this website. Therefore other companies will also desire that site for hosting for them. As the chances are high so that there is a necessity of strategic internet marketing which is the place where every feature of marketing, mainly your webpage is properly optimized and developed.

Firstly it is most important thing to know that what the people want & stick to it. Regarding the traffic of web surfers make people visit your website. There are two types of traffic of web surfers: the need traffic and the idle traffic. For instance, it is the date of 2oth December and on one hand you know that there is the online very last minute shopper. On the other side a businessman wondering for news on internet in his free time. Clearly, that shopper has necessity to buy something while that businessman does not. This is the advantage for the marketer to spot that who has the necessity of whatever he is offering through the website. Actually, it must be concern from the starting of thinking any name for your website or company.

Web traffic is the major need of any internet marketer who is planning for strategic internet marketing. This traffic can be either free or paid. When the internet marketer pays to search engines and other websites for display them and hosting their content on agreeable ranks respectively is called as paid traffic. Free traffic makes the site have visitors with other way than paying. Any website with lots of free traffic it means that website is already famous and it decreases the cost because the marketer has no need to pay any other sites for this. The target of strategic internet marketing is to decrease the paid traffic and move it to free traffic. The sensible way for this is to appoint very famous search engines. This traffic can be classified as targeted traffic or random traffic. When you plant your advertisements anywhere & leave them to get chance of seeing by people is called the random traffic. It is less costly but a risky decision because there is very less chances to observe it by people and those people who will observe your ads are possible customers. On the other hand when you appoint post content or banner space on the websites which are closely related with your services and products is called targeted traffic.

At last we can say that the holder of any best SEO website can win the game of strategic internet marketing. After all the strategic internet marketing is not so difficult task. It only takes good understanding of needs.

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Article Source: [] Strategic Internet Marketing is an Art of E-Market War

Essential Factors For E-Market Success

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1Essential Factors For E-Market Success
By []Pamela Faye Chambers

Education is the key to becoming a successful marketer. If your are in the affiliate marketing or online arena to make money, success does not happen haphazardly, but by an educational plan. In this fast paced technological age the successful online business person must educate himself in at least three strategical areas: personal development, relational skills and marketing skills.

Personal development is a gift that every person must give to herself. Learning to improve and better yourself is an investment. In our society, most people tend to invest in the physical attributes or the outer appearance. However, the mind is one of the most important tools a person can possess. If a manager allows his workers to improve on personal development, that is wisdom in action. A business that promotes people before the product produces loyal, trustworthy, creative, and skilled workers. Having personal development a part of the company’s mission creates an environment where the atmosphere ushers in excellence and the will to invite a positive climate. Personal development strategies sets the stage for developing relational skills within the company.

Relational skill development is much needed in the online community. Although workers are individually working on web tasks does not mean that they are online alone. It pays off to befriend other affiliates, companies, and acquaintances because it helps to develop community within the online world. As communication exchanges, value, trust, between businesses are soon acquired. The initial communication exchange has suddenly turned into a customer/business relationship. Who would not want to belong to such a community? An affiliate who is just starting may have some doubts about the online community and feel alone. However, I have run into some great neighbors within the online community. These neighbors have shown what value really means in the online community. The real meaning of value is sharing with others to show them the way to be successful online. As one educates himself about personal development, relational skills, and how to apply them effectively within the community, then marketing the business is easy.

If a business has shown the online community that it has true value, the word will spread throughout the online community. The mission of every successful company should be the development of a good name based on ethical standards. If ethical standards are high and people are the center of the company’s mission, then the sky is the limit. Developing value within a company does not happen by chance. Value and excellence found within a company comes by trial, error, patience, trust, cooperation, and mainly humility. These attributes are demonstrated at the executive level, which trickles down to the entry-level employee. Then a company can market with integrity. The articles that the company writes about each department is tried and true. The e-mail marketing is also done with excellence, which respects the customer’s right to opt out at any time. Education is the key to a successful online business. However if ethics, high business standards, and respecting human value were taken out or omitted within the company’s mission statement, then the company becomes a memory. The approach to teach educational skills changes quite often, but good character and ethics stays the same. You are a successful marketer, affiliate and manager. It pays to have great character!

Pamela Chambers is the author of [] This blog has been dedicated to affiliates, bloggers, and the online community for personal development, ideas, acquiring marketing skills and other online information.

Article Source: [] Essential Factors For E-Market Success