Your EBusiness Project

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Your EBusiness Project
By []Roger J Webb


Setting up an eBusiness be it a shop or a service company, is a complex task, even accepting that ‘off the peg’ websites are cheap and reasonably simple to set up. In reality setting up your instant ‘on-line in a day’ shop is equivalent to taking a lease on an empty high street property and simply opening the front door and hoping for customers.

There’s far more to business – on-line or off – than that.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for success, and your project will be different from every one else’s. In some cases some of the steps we lay out here can safely be ignored, but only after you have taken a minute or two to think them through and come to that conclusion.

Settling on your USP

Being on the internet means that the world is your market: it also means that every supplier in the world is your competitor.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 – 1986), in Irving Good, The Scientist Speculates that discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

You need to know what makes your site beat the million or so competitive sites you are up against.

Planning for Success

Well why plan for anything else? When you plan you take your risks on paper, when you don’t you use reality and real money as a substitute for thought.

Starting from Scratch

There are several very powerful packages on the market that will take you a long way along the road to an up-and-running online presence, but there is still more to think about before you start.

Basic Choices

eBay or Amazon: a Toe in the Water

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to get up and running on the internet. You might find that they fill your needs, or you might use one or both as a test-bed for better things later.

One advantage, Amazon and eBay offer a private ‘high street’ with customers already there attracted in by their names, and a lot less competition than the internet at large.

Go for it!

Selecting your eBusiness Package from the several available at surprisingly low rates confronts you with a myriad decisions to make.

The financial risks are minimal!

There are several comparison sites on the web and others providing an understanding what your package should offer. Read them with care before you decide!

Getting Seen

No eBusiness or on-line shop can succeed if no one can find it amongst those millions of web-pages.


The people trying to sell you eCommerce packages will tell you that you can have your shop up and running in a day.

They’re not lying

But it will take you a lot longer to make your eBusiness a going concern.

Here in [] we recognise 3 different scenarios of new on-line businesses:

Existing businesses entering the on-line business environment to extend their existing Clientele

New businesses looking to combine a bricks-and-mortar business with on-line trading

New Start on-line only traders.

Whichever model fits your trading pattern you need to consider your on-line presence as a business on its own with a proper business plan and marketing strategy.

Wherever your business is on this spectrum our []Tools of the Trade provides pages of useful information.

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