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What is eMarketing and How is it Better Than Traditional Marketing

What is eMarketing and How is it Better Than Traditional Marketing
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Darren_Ravens]Darren Ravens


Marketing has pretty much been around forever in one form or another. Since the day when humans first started trading whatever it was that they first traded, marketing was there. Marketing was the stories they used to convince other humans to trade. Humans have come a long way since then, (Well, we like to think we have) and marketing has too.

The methods of marketing have changed and improved, and we’ve become a lot more efficient at telling our stories and getting our marketing messages out there. eMarketing is the product of the meeting between modern communication technologies and the age-old marketing principles that humans have always applied.

That said, the specifics are reasonably complex and are best handled piece by piece. So we’ve decided to break it all down and tackle the parts one at a time. This week we’ll be looking at the “what” and “why” of eMarketing, outlining the benefits and pointing out how it differs from traditional marketing methods.

By the end of the series we’re pretty sure you’ll have everything you need to tell better marketing stories.

What is eMarketing? Very simply put, eMarketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. The terms eMarketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous.

eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers.

By such a definition, eMarketing encompasses all the activities a business conducts via the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new business, retaining current business and developing its brand identity.

Why is it important? When implemented correctly, the return on investment (ROI) from eMarketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies.

Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” business or a concern operating purely online, the Internet is a force that cannot be ignored. It can be a means to reach literally millions of people every year. It’s at the forefront of a redefinition of way businesses interact with their customers.

The benefits of eMarketing over traditional marketing Reach The nature of the internet means businesses now have a truly global reach. While traditional media costs limit this kind of reach to huge multinationals, eMarketing opens up new avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access potential consumers from all over the world.

Scope Internet marketing allows the marketer to reach consumers in a wide range of ways and enables them to offer a wide range of products and services. eMarketing includes, among other things, information management, public relations, customer service and sales. With the range of new technologies becoming available all the time, this scope can only grow.

Interactivity Whereas traditional marketing is largely about getting a brand’s message out there, eMarketing facilitates conversations between companies and consumers. With a two-way communication channel, companies can feed off of the responses of their consumers, making them more dynamic and adaptive.

Immediacy Internet marketing is able to, in ways never before imagined, provide an immediate impact.

Imagine you’re reading your favourite magazine. You see a double-page advert for some new product or service, maybe BMW’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s latest iPod offering. With this kind of traditional media, it’s not that easy for you, the consumer, to take the step from hearing about a product to actual acquisition.

With eMarketing, it’s easy to make that step as simple as possible, meaning that within a few short clicks you could have booked a test drive or ordered the iPod. And all of this can happen regardless of normal office hours. Effectively, Internet marketing makes business hours 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for every week of the year.

By closing the gap between providing information and eliciting a consumer reaction, the consumer’s buying cycle is speeded up and advertising spend can go much further in creating immediate leads.

Demographics and targeting Generally speaking, the demographics of the Internet are a marketer’s dream. Internet users, considered as a group, have greater buying power and could perhaps be considered as a population group skewed towards the middle-classes.

Buying power is not all though. The nature of the Internet is such that its users will tend to organise themselves into far more focussed groupings. Savvy marketers who know where to look can quite easily find access to the niche markets they wish to target. Marketing messages are most effective when they are presented directly to the audience most likely to be interested. The Internet creates the perfect environment for niche marketing to targeted groups.

Adaptivity and closed loop marketing Closed Loop Marketing requires the constant measurement and analysis of the results of marketing initiatives. By continuously tracking the response and effectiveness of a campaign, the marketer can be far more dynamic in adapting to consumers’ wants and needs.

With eMarketing, responses can be analysed in real-time and campaigns can be tweaked continuously. Combined with the immediacy of the Internet as a medium, this means that there’s minimal advertising spend wasted on less than effective campaigns.

Maximum marketing efficiency from eMarketing creates new opportunities to seize strategic competitive advantages.

The combination of all these factors results in an improved ROI and ultimately, more customers, happier customers and an improved bottom line.

Next up in the eMarketing 101 series: Having identified the “why” of eMarketing, our next article in the series will look at the “how”. We’ll be glancing at some of the weaponry in the eMarketer’s arsenal, and looking at how these tools should be used to target customers.

SEO, PPC, ORM, WebPR – the acronyms are never far behind. We’ll take a brief look at each, defining what they are and giving some guidance in terms of which tactic to use in a given situation to ensure optimum ROI on advertising spend.

Later on, we’ll examine each of these weapons more closely and see just how they are used to produce results.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?eMarketing-101–Chapter-1:-What-is-eMarketing-and-How-is-it-Better-Than-Traditional-Marketing&id=364179] eMarketing 101- Chapter 1: What is eMarketing and How is it Better Than Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets

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Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ewen_Chia]Ewen Chia


Internet Marketing, E-market, online marketing- all these synonymous terms points out to one keyword. It is business and a serious one at that. We may recall how tough it has been to conceptualize a company logo, make a poster and a slogan, and distribute brochures and catalog to your customers and target market. That is how it was until the internet made a virtually infinite space of marketing and advertising products and services. Even providing banner spaces, hosting text and content and images has already been part of the online business. And to simply put it: these new marketing world in the web has already produced internet marketing millionaires. Here are short stories and tips on how you can earn big time through online marketing.

Note that there are many things that you can market, not only the products your company is selling. It can be virtually anything: what can be watched from your website, what your website can do. Services like grammar correction, picture hosting, and plagiarism detecting and social networking.

One noteworthy example is John Reese who earned more than a whopping 1,000,000 Dollars in less than 24 hours. In 1998 he created a website with a free photograph hosting service for eBay users. Through his “viral” marketing of the site, it became one of the top 500 most visited sites in the world- within a year after its launch. Reese’s image hosting programs earned through affiliate commissions from affiliate programs. On the 17th of August, 2004, he surprised the e-marketing world when, upon the launch of a new product he marketed, he earned 1 million dollars in eighteen hours. What is his secret? He owed it from experience. He began in the e-marketing industry in 1990 and in has become knowledgeable in techniques of website optimization. His style is not simply offering goods but showing people where opportunity is. It is good if you can sell them your products but it earns more to show them where they can benefit and earn too. As for the marketer, it takes diligence and patience. Big income may be earned but in an eventual manner, not always instant.

Another phenomenal among the internet marketing millionaires is the 23 year old, youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. He founded Facebook which is now at an estimated value of 15 billion dollars. The site offers entertainment and social networking, earning from lots of advertisements. The site offers not only room for social networks and ads but in itself is a huge commodity. Here, we learn that to make an e-marketing venture successful, promoting it must be in a “viral” fashion. Notice that Facebook has links at almost any site. All these links, referrals and redirects are good strategies for successful online marketing.

Finally, e-marketing is a field where no individual succeeds alone without learning from others. There are several technical aspects just like SEO or Search Engine Optimization that makes your website appear at high ranks from search engine queries. One also needs other sites to host articles for his/her own website. Companies in the same business may help each other in the form of affiliates. Most importantly, even if it is a competition takes an online community of aspiring internet marketing millionaires to learn from each other.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Internet-Marketing-Millionaires-and-Keys-to-Their-Vault-of-Secrets&id=3741760] Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets

E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It

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E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Syed_Aamir_Ali]Syed Aamir Ali


What is internet marketing? Is it a technique to deceive the people or is it a way to promote the products? Is it only used to earn money or there is any aim beside the money to give benefit to the people? These are the major questions arise in my mind while I think of e-marketing. This is my first ever article in my life, I don’t know how to write but I think I can write. I don’t know whether my article will be accepted to be published or not but I can quench my thirst by typing my views. Lots of people give many offers to be rich soon, they show very long and attractive reports in their marketing campaign. Did you ever think about it that how much this stuff is based on reality? Up to which percentage they speak the truth.

Marketing is all about to advertise and promote the products but when it is done with sincerity and honesty will it give the rewards? The biggest dilemma is with the earning online articles and campaigns. What I think, earning online is a very good idea and it is demand of modern and global world but beside this I also know that this is not as easy as people are explaining it. You can’t be a millionaire in a day or in a week or even in a month. Money earning requires lot of efforts and time without this concern that whether it is online or in the practical world. People have earned millions and billions no doubt, but there are lot of efforts and hard working behind their earnings. If we look at the current world good marketers we will find that the success lies in their ideas. Every new idea they brought they got success. Copying and following the others can give you some earning but can’t make you a millionaire.

I will suggest the people interested in e-market that be sincere with your passion and use the e-marketing as your hobby and passion then it will bring great result to you. If you straight away jump with the aim of to be millionaire you will gain nothing. Explore the web, study the marketing methods, find out the best methods think about it that for how long these methods will work and don’t copy the contents of other. Try to come with your own views, vision and ideas. This will give you a big boost in the market. Fortune smiles on brave. Be brave enough to accept the challenges of e-market and I guarantee you will gain success. It will take time but believe me this success will be permanent; it will not be for a short period of time. All the current internet marketing gurus started from zero but their efforts and ideas took them to the heights of Mount Everest.

Currently I don’t have any blog or website but if you like my article then can give me feed back at my email id. [mailto:notout257@yahoo.com]notout257@yahoo.com.

Thanking you for reading

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?E-Marketing-and-How-to-Be-Perfect-in-It&id=5563499] E-Marketing and How to Be Perfect in It