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Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets

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Internet Marketing Millionaires and Keys to Their Vault of Secrets
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ewen_Chia]Ewen Chia


Internet Marketing, E-market, online marketing- all these synonymous terms points out to one keyword. It is business and a serious one at that. We may recall how tough it has been to conceptualize a company logo, make a poster and a slogan, and distribute brochures and catalog to your customers and target market. That is how it was until the internet made a virtually infinite space of marketing and advertising products and services. Even providing banner spaces, hosting text and content and images has already been part of the online business. And to simply put it: these new marketing world in the web has already produced internet marketing millionaires. Here are short stories and tips on how you can earn big time through online marketing.

Note that there are many things that you can market, not only the products your company is selling. It can be virtually anything: what can be watched from your website, what your website can do. Services like grammar correction, picture hosting, and plagiarism detecting and social networking.

One noteworthy example is John Reese who earned more than a whopping 1,000,000 Dollars in less than 24 hours. In 1998 he created a website with a free photograph hosting service for eBay users. Through his “viral” marketing of the site, it became one of the top 500 most visited sites in the world- within a year after its launch. Reese’s image hosting programs earned through affiliate commissions from affiliate programs. On the 17th of August, 2004, he surprised the e-marketing world when, upon the launch of a new product he marketed, he earned 1 million dollars in eighteen hours. What is his secret? He owed it from experience. He began in the e-marketing industry in 1990 and in has become knowledgeable in techniques of website optimization. His style is not simply offering goods but showing people where opportunity is. It is good if you can sell them your products but it earns more to show them where they can benefit and earn too. As for the marketer, it takes diligence and patience. Big income may be earned but in an eventual manner, not always instant.

Another phenomenal among the internet marketing millionaires is the 23 year old, youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. He founded Facebook which is now at an estimated value of 15 billion dollars. The site offers entertainment and social networking, earning from lots of advertisements. The site offers not only room for social networks and ads but in itself is a huge commodity. Here, we learn that to make an e-marketing venture successful, promoting it must be in a “viral” fashion. Notice that Facebook has links at almost any site. All these links, referrals and redirects are good strategies for successful online marketing.

Finally, e-marketing is a field where no individual succeeds alone without learning from others. There are several technical aspects just like SEO or Search Engine Optimization that makes your website appear at high ranks from search engine queries. One also needs other sites to host articles for his/her own website. Companies in the same business may help each other in the form of affiliates. Most importantly, even if it is a competition takes an online community of aspiring internet marketing millionaires to learn from each other.

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